The Healing Touch:

Qi Gong Massage & Other Forms of Body Therapy

Massage, whether done solo, with a partner or by a professional massage therapist, offers the energy of acupuncture, the serenity of meditation and the spiritual refreshment that comes through being touched. Massage can be an important part of your every day health care routine.

There are many types of Asian massage and acupressure such as Chinese Qi Gong massage, Jin Shin Do, Japanese Shiatsu, and other Asian acupressure forms. Western reflexology techniques are very popular in the United States and Europe and China today. There are many other forms of massage, each valuable for restoring harmony: Swedish deep muscle massage is done with long, smooth motions and is effective for muscle aches, stiffness, lower back pain and stress reduction; Cranio-Sacral bodywork manipulates the pulses, flow of blood and the bones of the skull with micro-movements. It provides deep calming of the spirit and the body, eases joint pain and muscle tension, improves concentration and opens up the Channels; Trager massage works on the nervous system, using gentle shaking and rocking to stimulate energy and promote relaxation and pain relief; Esalen massage, like Swedish, is a long stroke massage that works on muscles and joints to ease tension; Rolfing works on tissue realignment on a deep level. When it come time to choose one of these forms, or any other type, select what you find most pleasurable and effective.


Qi Gong Massage is an extension of Qi Gong exercise/meditation. Among the more skilled masters of the art, self-massage can be done with the mind, moving Qi and Xue through the Channels, relaxing muscles, massaging Organ Systems mentally. For the rest of us, manual Qi Gong massage — done on ourselves or with a partner or practitioner — is an important part of any preventive health care program, since regular massage helps nourish the mind/body/spirit and maintains harmony in all systems.

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